About J&M


Since 1953 J&M Concrete Construction (aka Jezowski & Markel) has been one of Southern California’s most distinguished site concrete contractors.  J&M has constructed hundreds of the region’s most significant projects.  Many of those notable installations are represented in this website.

J&M Concrete Contractors Attributes:

J&M’s Mission Statement:

  • Develop and nurture collaborative relationships between owners, design professionals, and general contractor’s.  Our principal goal is to develop a lasting team partnership that will continuously result in beautiful architectural concrete construction.

Union Affiliations:

  • Cement masons, carpenters and laborers.

Collaboration with Owner and Design Team:

  • J&M has on display over 3,500 6″ concrete samples and 500 custom aggregates on display that assist designer’s in developing their site paving design ideas.
  • Provide budgetary estimates at all phases of design.
  • In-house Landscape Architect (a unique role in the Southern California site concrete industry):
    • More than 27 years of professional Landscape Architectural experience and 9 years of architectural concrete sales and marketing experience.
    • Licensed California Landscape Architect #2111 since 1981.
    • LEED AP B+CD accredited.
    • NRMCA Pervious Concrete Technician.
    • Assist in merging designers design ideas within budget and constructability constraints.
    • Preparation of custom concrete samples.
    • Provide design assistance at all phases of design, value engineering, constructability review, and construction document and specification review.
    • Preparation of site concrete shop drawings.
    • Provide “Lunch & Learn” seminars to design professionals with an emphasis on integrating architectural concrete design principles with proven hardscape construction methodologies.

Site Concrete Elements:

Architectural Concrete Paving Finishes:

  • Intecrete®.
  • Exposed aggregate either by surface retarding or sandblasting.
  • Embossed (stamped) with a variety of form textures and colors.
  • Broom.
  • Smooth trowel.
  • Swirl.
  • Ground and polished.
  • Acid.
  • Color hardeners, aka “dust-on” or “shake-on” color.
  • Aggretop®.
  • Stained.
  • Tined.
  • Salt.
  • Painted.
  • Other custom finishes you want to explore with us?

Cast-in-Place Architectural Concrete Walls:

  • Concrete wall finishes including:
    • Boardform.
    • Stripped including MDO and HDO finished plywood.
    • Exposed aggregate up to 5′ feet in height.
    • Sacked.
    • Sandblast.
    • J&M Stratified Wall™.
    • Vertical Intecrete® Wall.
    • J&M SmoothCast® Wall.
  • Seatwalls.
  • Steps and cheekwalls.
  • Planter walls.
  • Terraced/amphitheater walls for group seating.
  • Cantilevered walls.
  • Monument sign walls.
  • Architectural walls up 40′ in height.
  • Other custom finishes you want to explore with us?

Production and Civil (“B” Permit) Concrete:

  • Curbs, gutters, swales, City sidewalk, driveways, concrete drainage elements, and accessible ramps including truncated domes.
  • Concrete footings for site elements such as walls, light standards, site furniture, bollards, etc.
  • Tile, stone, and paver concrete subslabs.
  • On-structure planter bottom drainage slabs.

 Structural Concrete Elements:

  • Building slabs, both on-grade and on-structure.
  • Column footings and grade beams.
  • Stem walls.
  • Retaining walls.

 Distinctive Concrete Elements:

  • Fountains including complete, turn-key installations including waterproofing, plumbing and electrical.
  • Sign walls.
  • Custom elements in collaboration with designers and artists.
  • Custom memorials in collaboration with various organizations, both public and private.
  • Custom colored and textured logos.

 J&M’s Specialty Concrete Products:

J&M is constantly exploring and developing new concrete products that expand our ability to fulfill the
inspirations of designers as well as balance cost with constructability.  Some architectural concrete products that have been developed by J&M include:

  • Intecrete® architectural concrete paving.
  • Vertical Intecrete® concrete wall finish.
  • Aggretop® architectural concrete paving.
  • PoroPave® permeable concrete paving.
  • J&M Stratified Wall™.
  • SmoothCast® Wall.

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